security agencies refuse to accept that if domain investor does not spend Rs 4-5 lakh annually for domain renewals, she will not have any domains for selling

Investing money in domains is far more expensive than other investments, yet security agencies are only falsely labelling domain investors a security threat
Teaching a course to many people does not require a huge investment, the same course is taught to everyone, and the same fees, obtained from each person undergoing training, so the teacher, trainer is making a huge profit
Investing in shares is not very expensive, no annual fees have to be paid
Investing in land or property is also not very expensive, the annual fees are very less
In comparison investing money in domains is very expensive, a huge amount of money has to paid in domain renewals Rs 4-5 lakh annually, for those who have a portfolio of approximately 500 domains
There are many people making a huge amount from shares, training, land , property investing.
For example domain fraudster greedy gujju R&AW employee amita patel is charging Rs 6 lakh per person, and she is training at least 10 people to make Rs60 lakh monthly, or Rs4 crores annually.
Yet because she is gujju, well connected, the security agency employees are not labelling her a security threat at all, though she is making a huge amount of money.
On the other hand, when a domain investor will make the biggest domain sale in her life of less than Rs 3 lakh after paying annual domain renewal fees of Rs4-5 lakh or more every year for 14 years, the gujju, goans and others are falsely labelling her a security threat to torture her, refusing to accept the fact that if she does not pay Rs4-5 lakh every year, she will have no domains for selling
The security agencies refuse to accept the fact that the domain sale money will be mostly used for domain renewals and not for any other activity.

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