Actor Sushant Singh rajput case highlights the great powers of the security agencies, police in India

One of the reasons why the Actor Sushant Singh rajput case is being closely followed in the website network is because it highlights the great powers of the police, security agencies in India and those who have been treated unfairly find it difficult to get any kind of justice
In addition to being the top actor in his era, the actor was fairly well connected, his father KK Singh was a retired DSP according to some sources on quora, his one brother in law is a IPS officer,another one is working in CISCO and is from IIT Chennai (from his blog), cousin Neeraj Kumar Bablu is a MLA from Bihar
Yet though most people claimed that it was a murder based on forensic evidence, the police were quick to call it a suicide, and they have not changed their statement after more than 51 days after his death
The police may be under pressure to protect someone even more powerful, and there is almost no way to find out the truth

The domain investor is also a victim of fraud of some security agencies who are controlled by BRIBE GIVERS like gujju school dropout housewife cbi employee naina chandan, or want to make their relatives like riddhi siddhi, sunaina chodan rich and powerful at the expense of deserving citizens. The indian and state government is blindly believing the claims of the police, security agencies, yet they are at least sometimes, not telling the truth.
Citizens who are victims of dishonesty security agencies find it difficult to get justice, and it is time that there is some way they can appeal against the dishonesty and lies

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