In Actor Sushant Singh rajput case , Mumbai and bihar police are likely to clash

In actor Sushant Singh rajput case, the great powers of the police are again highlighted and also how they are controlled. In this case Mumbai and bihar police are likely to clash since the case was filed in patna, mainly because the actors family was not happy with the investigation
Actor Sushant Singh rajput case shows that in India, almost everyone lies
Like the sheena bora case, the Actor Sushant Singh rajput case is probably the most controversial death in a decade or more. It is worth following the case, not because of the glamor, but because it shows the true picture of the indian, state government and society
It shows that in India, almost everyone lies, makes fake claims depending on who is putting pressure on them. Almost everyone is changing their statement regularly based on media reports, claiming that they were under pressure, so reading the media coverage is a waste of time with Sidharth Pitani being one of the main persons involved.
The Mumbai police have a definite advantage since those who wish to live and work in Mumbai will definitely not take the risk of offending the powerful persons who are involved. Mumbai is the entertainment capital of india, and anyone who wishes to continue with their career in Mumbai will definitely not do anything to upset the status quo.
It also appears that it was decided well in advance that it would be covered up as a suicide, though lawyers and others claimed that it was a murder, based on forensic evidence on quora, youtube and other websites.
Official statement from Mumbai police on Sushant’s demise could be read, “Actor Sushantsingh Rajput R/o- Mount Blanc Apts, 6th Floor,Joggers Park, Bandra(W),Bandra have committed suicide by hanging himself to ceiling fan by knotting with green colour clothsheet in his bedroom. No suicide letter has been found…and no other suspicious factor has come out so far. The home is duplex flat with hall at downstairs and 3 bedrooms at upstairs.”
The well paid government employees will very rarely admit that they made a mistake from personal experience, so the Bihar police have a very difficult task in finding the evidence or people to support the family of Actor Sushantsingh Rajput in their allegations, especially in Mumbai

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